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kick out the racists!

The European semester of Italian presidency has started and Italy kicked-off discussions sending clear signals against racism: besides the Minister of the interior in a press conference using racial epithets to identify immigrants we’ve got the newly elected President of the football federation calling black players as ‘banana-eaters’.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, addressing a gathering of 35,000 scouts called on them to buck the trend of young Italians leaving the country … “Stay in Italy, kick out the impossible,” he said. 

I really reject the idea of staying in a country where decision-making power is held by rough racists and they are given positions of authority instead of being kicked out!

If this is the example Italy wants to set for its adolescents I believe it’s something morally harmful and socially dangerous especially for those that have energy, drive, talent and want to passionately spread the words of equality and tolerance!

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Bailar (with Linda Mirada)

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Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

Four Impromptus D 899, opus 90 III. Andante in G flat major

Oleg Boshniakovich (1920-2006), piano

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